House Rules


There is a $40 key deposit required per person upon checking-in. This is to ensure that you do not lose your key and can be charged again on late checkouts or extending after 10 am.

No Refunds. If you check-out before your intended date, you may organize to have your remaining balance kept as credit towards your next stay here. It can be transferred to another guest.

Check-out is before 10 am. Return your bed sheet, pillowcase, and towel to the reception by check-out time. Checkouts, after 10 am, will be charged another night and a late fee of $10 will incur.

Identification: We only accept valid passports.

No Smoking: Please note that smoking is strictly not allowed anywhere within the building. The burning of incense and candles is also prohibited. Please be aware of our smoke detectors in the rooms.

Emergency Exits: In case of a fire, please use the sign-posted Emergency Exits. In the case of an emergency, please refer to the staff’s instructions for exiting the building safely.

Food: Please use the labels provided at reception to print your name on your belongings. Our kitchen is full of individual shelves and fridges to stock your food. We kindly ask guests to be considerate of others – clean and put away all dishes after use. The kitchen is closed from 22:45 to 5:00 am.

Bedding: Sleeping bags are not permitted past reception, please store any tents or sleeping bags in our short-term luggage. We provide clean sheets, covers, and pillowcases that can be changed by our housekeepers daily upon requests. All of our bedsheets are washed by our industrial grade washing machines and dryers, done by our professional cleaning staff.

Visitors are not allowed on the premises.

Payment: Payment upon entry – we take cash or card.

Children: Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children and persons under 18 years of age.

Personal Belongings: We will hold any lost property for 28 days, after this time, it will be considered abandoned and thrown out. Please ensure that you properly tag your luggage with a name and check-out date.

Alcohol: Please drink responsibly – We have a no-tolerance policy for alcohol abuse and disruptive behaviour. Or staff may ask guests to leave the premises if unacceptable behaviour persists.

Drugs: Please understand that possession and use of drugs on the premises will result in management calling the authorities. We are in partnership with operation ‘Safer Hostels’ of the Perth Police department.

Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable. This includes threatening or demeaning any person or any staff member. Damage to any property, graffiti, theft of any property, physical or sexual harassment, loud and rowdy noise can result in police intervention and eviction, without refund.

Damage: In the event any guest or their visitors cause damage to any property in the hostel, the management can charge any amount deemed necessary to cover the costs of cleaning, repairing or replacing the damaged item. Theft or intentional damage to property will be reported to the police.

Please respect other guests and staff, keep your room clean, wash and dry dishes, keep noise to a minimum after 22:00, and respect any guidelines as presented by staff.

Infringements on our house rules will result in the guest escorted off the premises – by staff or Police.